How To (Finally) Fix a Mouse Scroll Wheel — When All Else Has Failed

In this video I show you how to fix a mechanical scroll wheel when all other attempts have failed. If your scroll wheel stutters, rotates the wrong way or sometimes fails to register, this is how to fix it. And although there are a lot of quick ‘fixes’ for scroll wheels—blowing on it, squeezing together the scroll wheel housing, and a whole lot of other ways—they don’t always work for all mice. You could try and replace the encoder but finding the correct part could be difficult. Here I’ll show you how to fix it for free. It’ll take a calm hand but it’s completely do-able!

My first video going all 4K and using Davinci Resolve. I think it went well. I do think this video is more helpful than about 98% of similar videos on youtube (at least there’s no bad techno music backing) but unfortunately youtube is still burying it 🙁

Anyway, if you can get a new encoder that’s the right size, go ahead and replace it. It might be easier. But if you want to do this fix for free, especially if you can’t find the right part, then here’s the fix.

Some of the items used in the repair (affiliate links):

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