The College Papers

Are they perfect? No. But I spent a lot of time on them and thought: Well, instead of just letting them sit around on an old hard drive, might as well just share them. So here they are. If you find any of them a good read or if they helped in your own research, let me know. You can use them as you like, I just ask that you attribute me or this website. Finally, if you’re a college student and are feeling a little lazy: Probably best not to just rip these off completely. 1) It’s not cool and 2) Your professors are a bit smarter than you think. A simple copy and paste into a Google search will send them right here and that probably woudn’t be good.

Embodied Struggles: A Reduction of the Lives and Characters of August Strindberg and Tennessee Williams

Search for the Origins of Life: A Reassessment

Francis Bacon: The Human Animal

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